As I enter the hot, steaming water, my mind starts floating away, my body melts into the deep abyss of the bath. In front of me, an old man with whom I share this water. I stare at him, he nods his head, as he says these words: "gokkuraku"

Nuages Flottants
Graphic design, illustration, screenprint, painting
Bachelor Diploma Project
at HEAD-Genève
50 x 100 inkjet-printed towels, 100 x 180 ceramic fresco, 42cm-wide screenprinted mirrors

In Japan, the act of bathing naked together is of singular importance. As a place of relaxation, bonding and poetry, the public bath plays a major part in the social construction.
Like in the Japanese society, the bath has a number of codes and protocols for those who wish to immerse themselves. By this project, I wish to introduce the foreigner to the usage of the Japanese bath, and thus ease their immersion in the bath, and more broadly in the Japanese society.
By stepping on the ceramic tiles displayed on the ground, the viewer enters the bath. From this space, he can read and touch the six posters-towels that details with humour the strict protocol of the Japanese bathing art.